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Study for the NCEES & ISA Control Systems Exams - Free

Control Systems Exam Review Course

CSE/PE (Control Systems Engineer), CAP (Certified Automation Professional), CCST (Certified Control System Technician)

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Control Systems Video Exam Review Courses (No Cost)

NCEES CSE - Professional Engineer
CSE/PE (Control Systems Engineer/Professional Engineer) Information Page

ISA CAP - Certified Automation Professional
CAP (Certified Automation Professional) Information Page

ISA CCST - Certified Control Systems Technician
CCST (Certified Control Systems Technician) Information Page

Purchase The Study Guide For The NCEES PE Examination
Control Systems Engineering Exam Reference Manual - A Practical Study Guide

Study College Industrial Instrumentation and Automation - Free

Industrial Instrumentation and Industrial Automation

Instrumentation and control are interdisciplinary fields

They require knowledge of chemistry, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, electronics, microcontrollers and microprocessors, software languages, process control, and even more such as the principles of pneumatics and hydraulics and communications.

This is what makes instrumentation and control so interesting and instructive.

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Overview of Industrial Instrumentation and Industrial Automation



Study PLC and HMI Programming Rockwell/Allen-Bradley - Free

Rockwell Programmable Controllers and Process Automation

Download and install Rockwell software to program most Allen-Bradley PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
and HMIs (Human Machine Interface) all with activation.

View the complete high quality video lessons on programming courses for PLCs and HMIs

This software allows you to run a SoftPLC, SoftLogix 5800 v17, same as a ControlLogix 5000 plc that runs on your computer desktop. You will also download the software to program it, RSLogix 5000 v17 and RSLogix 500 v8.

You can control real remote I/O (input/output). You can program standard HMIs (Human Machine Interface) with this software and talk to the SoftLogix 5800 plc and run a HMI on your desktop.

You can also program Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, SLC 500, CompactLogix and the popular ControlLogix PLCs (Programmable Logix Controllers).

Click on the image to download the programming software and activation disk.
Download the Rockwell software and activation files


Study Rockwell and Cisco Industrial Networking - Free

Rockwell and Cisco Industrial Netwoking

Rockwell Automation and Cisco collaborated to develop Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) Architectures.

The Rockwell Automation and Cisco partnership helps you create a strong, secure network infrastructure as the foundation for digital transformation. Together, the two companies provide industrial network and security solutions to help you integrate your plant floor with your enterprise network. With Rockwell Automation’s expertise in operations technology (OT) and Cisco’s expertise in IT, you get the best of both worlds.

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Overview of Rockwell and Cicso Industrial Networking